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Naimah Abdullah | Consultant
Technical Analyst and Volunteer Management

Naimah Abdullah is the owner of Get it Done, Virtual Assistant Company that she founded in 2014. Her company mission is to ensure that companies, organizations and individuals receive assistance at an Executive Level and high capacity, for a lower rate. She ensures great customer service and quality work.   


As a virtual assistant company, working remotely and use of as many technological tools is key to deliver various services to clients. She specializes in 5 top areas such as virtual office manager, project management, social media/technology specialist, grants, and consulting. Additionally she specializes in marketing, graphic and Web design, bookkeeping, home and company organization.


Naimah has over 20 years of experience with computer technology, programs, applications, operating systems, and database management and assists clients in technology reviews to optimize existing platforms and align functionality with business objectives. In addition, she has 9 years of Social Media management and is able to migrate clients use of multiple social media applications. She is instrumental in conducting training and virtual educational meetings, classes, and seminars for clients. Naimah has worked with fundraising efforts for over 5 years and has helped to bring in $1M+ dollars annual to institutions and organizations


Naimah began her college career studying Business Computer Information Systems, Accounting and Education and has her degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Sociology.  


For her volunteer opportunities, Naimah has worked with the Dallas ACAP program for over 14 years, is a member of Sisters United In Human Service, Inc. Additionally she serves on various committees at her place of worship and engages in event planning for annual events nationwide. 


N'aimah loves to travel the world and make a difference for not only herself, but for those around her.

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