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What Makes Us Special?


We only work with organizations in which we can align with their mission and share their passion for implementing change in the world.

We offer strong consultation services supported with the day-to-day execution assistance required to get the job done. We handle tasks from preparing the simplest meeting agenda, to planning for a million dollar fundraising signature event; or filling in for a gift processor to running a turnkey Annual Giving Campaign. Our strategic planning, marketing planning, events and volunteer management activities prepare our clients and consultants to conduct the most successful campaigns and execute the most successful development programs. All of these efforts result in not-for-profit organizations uniquely prepared to serve the community.

We are a specialized service firm.


Our backgrounds are deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, corporate participation and serving not-for-profit organizations. Thus, we have a broad spectrum of first-hand experiences of how to analyze data, mobilize human resources and optimize funds and relationships to meet objectives. Our approach to business strategy, operations and execution are centered on process improvement methodologies and passion. Regardless of the not-for-profit market, we are experts in working through processes with our clients to execute and deliver results like no one else. Our extensive network of professionals allows us to align the best consultant(s) to clients’ needs. In addition, the passion our consultants develop for the causes that they represent sets us apart from our competition.

We bring a unique set of experiences, expertise and approaches to our clients.

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