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We understand the importance of aligning others to the mission and its impact on success. Thus, we are extremely selective in the client work that we take on, and we work primarily on a referral basis. 

Founded in 2002, we have a history of serving both very established not-for-profits and many exciting new causes.


We enjoy solid relationships with our clients and work with every client individually because we recognize that there is no “typical” project.


We are committed to delivering world-class results while keeping cost reasonable. 

Our expertise is in both working as a turnkey operation for our clients and as an extension of the internal team with a primary focus on transferring knowledge.

Our commitment is to improve each client’s organization through long-term fund development planning, execution and knowledge transfer for institutional capacity building and sustainability.


We provide strategic planning, operations improvement including skills assessments and gap analysis, marketing and other pre- campaign planning services to strengthen our clients and help prepare them for long-term success. 


What We Do

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