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Tradition vs. Technology


Let’s face it; the very idea of integrating new technology into a traditional environment is somewhat of an oxymoron. Traditional entities like Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), and Church's understand the need for change but often resist technological improvements mainly because, it is different. Organizations get so stuck in their internal comfort zones that they fail to realize that the world outside is moving at warp speed. The point, “what got you here, won’t take you there!”

Traditional organizations also fear that too much change will redefine their brand and disconnect them from their target consumer. However, traditional thinking can keep progress at a snails pace. Also, it is important to bear in mind that your patrons are also moving at the pace of technology. So how do you make critical organizational changes against an internal struggle to stick to tradition?

1. New Thinking

2. Evolution Strategy

3. Technologies and Talent Assessment

4. Implementation Experts

Einstein once said, “The same thinking that was used to create a problem, can’t be used to solve it.” You need new thinking! This is where the right consultant is worth their weight in gold. An experienced professional can look at your current challenges with a fresh perspective. Consultants can focus on a solution to the problem without concerns of internal politics and limited resources. Not only that, but it is important to understand and properly leverage the right technology for the project.

An Evolution Strategy is simply this, organic growth, on purpose. The problem with most consultants is they typically lack an appreciation for the value of tradition. Although the shortest distance between two points is a straight line; that does not always make it the best approach. So when I speak of the organic growth of a traditional organization, it is about truly understanding the essence of the brand. So an evolution strategy is a plan to make the brand history essential for today and relevant tomorrow.

I know I keep harping on the value of the choosing the right consultants, but here is another important distinction. Most good consultants offer a plan but lack the ability or desire to implement. In fact, without an effective Technology and Talent assessment strategy, most plans are not feasible. Someone has to evaluate the skill gaps of your existing personnel and the limitations of your current technology.

So, if you represent a well-established organization and are considering the challenge of taking it to the next level, make sure you do your homework. Choose an experienced team that can get it done! Remember, the best consultants are also Implementation Experts; they roll up their sleeves and make sure the work gets done.

Lance Lucas & Associates is a consultancy that specializes in Transition Strategy Development and Execution.

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