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We understand the importance of aligning others to the mission and its impact on success. Thus, we are extremely selective in the client work that we take on, and we work primarily on a referral basis. 

LLA is not your typical not-for-profit fundraising consulting firm.  We  deliver  high  level  for  profit  strategies,  processes for  improvement and  execution to organizations  through  our  network  of  seasoned  consultants.

Our commitment is to improve each client’s organization through long-term development planning, execution and knowledge transfer for institutional capacity building and sustainability. 

We provide strategic planning, operations  improvement including skills assessments  and gap analysis, marketing and other pre campaign planning services to strengthen  our clients and help prepare them for long-term success.

We specialize in the following services and customize based on your organizations needs:

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Strategic Planning
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We offer strong consultation services supported with the day-to-day execution assistance required to get the job done. We handle tasks from preparing the simplest meeting agenda, to planning for a million dollar fundraising signature event; or filling in for a gift processor to running a turnkey Annual Giving Campaign. Our strategic planning, marketing planning, events and volunteer management activities prepare our clients and consultants to conduct the most successful campaigns and execute the most successful development programs.


Our backgrounds are deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, corporate participation and serving not-for-profit organizations. Thus, we have a broad spectrum of first-hand experiences of how to analyze data, mobilize human resources and optimize funds and relationships to meet objectives. Our approach to business strategy, operations and execution are centered on process improvement methodologies and passion. Regardless of the not-for-profit market, we are experts in working through processes with our clients to execute and deliver results like no one else. Our extensive network of professionals allows us to align the best consultant(s) to clients’ needs. In addition, the passion our consultants develop for the causes that they represent sets us apart from our competition.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Lance Lucas & Associates’ (LLA) proven strategic diversity management framework gives clients a structured approach to improve performance. We guide clients in the use of the Diversity Accountability Inclusion Scorecard DAIS™ to make meaningful and impactful changes in Leadership, Talent, Corporate Responsibility, and Culture through: 






Our approach to the work is conducted through consulting, facilitation, and coaching. Following our framework will put your organization on the dais.

Fund Development

Fundraising development

We provide a comprehensive range of services at every stage of  fundraising  development  regardless  of  organization  size.  Clients  choose  from  basic  consultation  to  turnkey  services  to  best  meet  their  objectives  and budget.

  • Annual fund/alumni giving strategy

  • Long-range fund development planning

  • Prospect research

  • Volunteer mobilization

  • Campaign consultation, management, direction and support

  • Staff and volunteer training

  • Strategic planning

  • Campaign gift tracking and reporting

  • Marketing planning

  • non-donor/donor surveys

  • Event planning

  • Operations planning

  • Advocacy engagement

Our Clients


We serve a diverse group of not-for-profit clients. We go where we can make a difference through partnership for a common cau​se.

Causes that support Education, Women, Children, and the Arts reflect our most prevalent market disciplines.

Local & International Governments

Religious Institutions

Women's Organization

The Arts

Education Institutions

Youth Organizations

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